shear wall

What is a Shear Wall in Construction?

Shear wall is a structural element that is used to withstand lateral forces or forces that are parallel to the …
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Rebar for Concrete in Civil Engineering

What is the Purpose of Steel Rebar in Concrete? There are several types of rebar for concrete applications. Many concrete …
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types of beams

Types of Beams Used in Construction

What is a Beam in Construction? There are different types of beams which are utilized in the construction of buildings …
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types of slabs

Types of Slabs Used in Construction

What is a Slab in Construction? Many types of slabs are used in construction; the slab is constructed to provide …
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construction site management

Construction Site Management in Civil Engineering

Construction site management differs from a standard site manager position in that it requires and incorporates considerable understanding of the …
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types of shuttering

Types of Shuttering Used in Construction

What is Shuttering? Before diving into the types of shuttering (formwork) used in construction, let’s have an understanding of what …
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properties of steel

Properties of Steel Material

What is Steel? Before diving into properties of steel, let’s have a look at the steel itself. Some natural elements …
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properties of concrete

Properties of Concrete

What is Concrete in Construction? What is Concrete made of? To understand the properties of concrete, we should the know …
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construction machinery and equipment

Construction Machinery and Equipment

In big projects, heavy construction machinery and equipment are used for a variety of purposes. The size of the project …
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types of forces

Types of Forces and Stresses

What is Force? In order to understand the types of forces and stresses in civil engineering, let’s start with the …
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types of foundations

Types of Foundations

Shallow and deep foundations are the two main types of foundations. The types of foundations are significant for any kind …
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types of supports in beams

Types of Supports in Beams

Roller, pinned, and fixed connections are the three most common types of supports in beams and structures to connect them …
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