construction site management

Construction Site Management in Civil Engineering

Construction site management differs from a standard site manager position in that it requires and incorporates considerable understanding of the construction industry, an area fraught with unique obstacles. Effective construction site managers should use tools and strategies that assist them manage their multifaceted tasks to guarantee that each obligation in the job is accomplished and …

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properties of steel

Properties of Steel Material

Properties of steel are quite important for a civil engineer since steel is one of the most commonly used construction materials in the world. Steel is perhaps the most essential engineering and construction material in the world because of its material properties. Steel has excellent formability and durability, as well as high tensile and yield …

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properties of concrete

Properties of Concrete

Many factors affect the properties of concrete. The percentage of the cement, water, sand and aggregates is very important for the properties of the mixture. The ratio of these materials primarily controls the various properties of concrete. Main Properties of Concrete Material 1. Durability Durability is a property of concrete which can be described as …

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types of foundations

Types of Foundations

 Shallow and deep foundations are the two main types of foundations. The types of foundations are significant for any kind of construction for its stability and safety. Before selecting a foundation for a construction project, it’s very important to research its suitability. We are going to learn the types of foundations in this article under …

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types of supports in beams

Types of Supports in Beams

 Roller, pinned, and fixed connections are the three most common types of supports in beams and structures to connect them to its foundation. Any of these supports can be seen at any point in the length of a structural element. They can be found at the ends, in the middle, or at some other point …

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tensile strength of steel

Tensile Strength of Steel

 Tensile strength of steel is defined as the resistance of steel to breaking under tensile stress. It’s used to define the transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation in steel. It’s usually expressed in force units per cross-sectional area. A piece of steel will break apart after it has been taken past its tensile stress …

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compressive strength of concrete

Compressive Strength of Concrete

   Compressive strength of concrete is affected by many factors, including the water-cement ratio, cement strength, the grade of the concrete material, quality control during the manufacturing process, and so on. Compressive Strength   The capacity of a material or structure to carry loads on its surface without cracking or deflection is referred to as …

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