types of foundations

Types of Foundations

Shallow and deep foundations are the two main types of foundations. The types of foundations are significant for any kind of construction for its stability and safety. Before selecting a foundation for a construction project, it’s very important to research its suitability. We are going to learn the types of foundations in this article under

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types of supports in beams

Types of Supports in Beams

What are Supports in Construction? In order to understand the types of supports in beams and structures, we have to learn what a support is in construction first. An element of a building or structure known as a structural support is responsible for providing the strength, stability and stiffness required to withstand internal forces and

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tensile strength of steel

Tensile Strength of Steel

Tensile strength of steel is defined as the resistance of steel to breaking under tensile stress. It’s used to define the transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation in steel. It’s usually expressed in force units per cross-sectional area. A piece of steel will break apart after it has been taken past its tensile stress

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compressive strength of concrete

Compressive Strength of Concrete

Compressive strength of concrete is affected by many factors, including the water-cement ratio, cement strength, the grade of the concrete material, quality control during the manufacturing process which are explained below in the article. What is Strength in Civil Engineering? A fundamental subject in civil engineering is strength of materials since it serves as the

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surveying in ciivil engineering

Surveying in Civil Engineering

Surveying in civil engineering and construction is critical to the completion of many construction projects, including residential and industrial structures as well as infrastructure. It provides project managers and engineers with the geological details they need to construct a structure that can handle the local landscape and helps in the planning of their project. What

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types of civil engineering

Types of Civil Engineering

What are the Branches of Civil Engineering? Civil engineering is widely considered as one of the most significant engineering disciplines on a global scale. The industry is concerned with resolving real-world challenges by planning, building, managing, and sustaining infrastructure that is critical to the growth of countries and the support of modern society. Buildings, bridges,

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civil and structural engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering

What are Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering? Civil engineering and structural engineering are two engineering fields that deal with the assessment, planning, development, and maintenance of elements. In general, structural engineering is classified as a civil engineering discipline. However, as research and architecture have advanced, structural engineering has become a distinct discipline. It’s difficult to

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common building materials

Common Building Materials

What are Common Building Materials? Common building materials are very important for civil engineers to know. Building materials are all materials which can be used to build. It usually consists of timber, concrete, steel, cement, add-ons, bricks, clay, metal and more. People used pure stones, wood or straw in the olden ages. But engineers have

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